Hand crafted wedding candles: Exuding charm!


Hand crafted candles have long served as beautiful additions to special occasions including baptism, wedding, birthdays, and memorial services. These personalized hand carved candle sticks can be immediately differentiated from the run of the mill standard candles available in the market. The creativity, uniqueness and charm are attributes which are inherent to these hand crafted candles. One cannot really say the same about the standard candles. Perched on the beautifully glass candle holders, these candles can actually turn out to be absolute wonders in your special occasions. Today, however, we would personally be discussing had crafted wedding candles.

Wedding unity candle sets: What you should know about them

The sets of personalized wedding unity candles are not only beautiful adornments of the ceremony, but they have a much deeper significance. The significance of these candles are immersed in their very names—“unity”. Yes! They go on to reflect the much longed for unity between the bride and the groom also between their families. Here are the details of the significance of these wedding candles explored.

The taper wedding unity candles are positioned on the table on an altar. There are others placed on the sides. The unity candle sets are lit by the bride and the groom after the ceremony official explains to them the significance of these candles. They go on to represent the unity between the couples. The flames go on to represent the passion which will burn in them forever. The candles placed in the side, can either be left burning or extinguished.

A Candle for every occasion

There is no dearth of candle manufacturers offering these hand crafted candles for a number of occasions out there—be it anniversaries, weddings, birthdays or baptism. Every occasion has its own “light”. Every occasion has its own candle as well.

Choose your candle provider wisely

Make sure you are getting in touch with a creative candle maker in order to procure your candle for a special occasion. There are several such candle makers out there. Go through their websites properly in a bid to understand what they have to offer—the kind of designs, shapes and sizes of candles they have. Candle art is not exactly easy. Each of the artists seeks to bring their own sensibilities to these candles. Their creativity can easily be judged from the versatility which they have been able to showcase. How diverse is their catalogue? How unique is their collection when compared to others? Can these candles be styled to accommodate your specifications?

Are they offering these candles at reasonable rates? As a candle connoisseur it would be your responsibility to ensure that you are actually surveying several websites in order to compare quality and price and then zero in on an informed choice.

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