Trying out the Rural Life

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We all have our toxic days, right? hence when this time had came up and nothing to do with it, at all. Why not getting yourself send out in any rural places as your breather? Yes! that’s the usual thing I do when I feels the stressor lingering with my whole body, in away, this was a great therapy not just for your mind and soul but also in your total appearances as the fresh air from trees are the best beauty enhancer.

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Yesterday, me and my family are gone with a friend’s farm where we got to see these fighter chicken , I dunno though on what the right term for these type of roaster but most likely they’re the strongest and badass one among to the all chickens living.. lol. At the farm, we can able to enjoy the fresh air and sorts of organic fruits as well such as mango,papaya and others that I haven’t well known about, bear with me then.. haha Also, at farm there’s this kinda like mountain peak where you can appreciates the beauty of life as you gone to see it. Well, I cant even have a photos yet for that..haha as we’re using my cousin’s phone that time. But no worries then, as she passed on some photos with me , I’ll then update this photo for some scenic photos.

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