Trend: Tattooed Lips, would you consider?

 photo rty_zpsdwetfu3y.jpg

We girls are naturally vain and as much as possible, we wanted ourselves to be on trend and in some way we wanted to have all the trendy pieces with us. Yes! I knew most of you lovely gels out there can agree on me, right? but this recent trend about tattooed lipstick, I bet this wont hit the fashion scene because like what ive been said, girls are wanted to be trend all the time and they are indeed versatile in a way on changing style time to time hence this tattooed lippy wont work out. However though, others are pleased to have it due to the convenience it gives. Because yeah! you don’t have to wear lipstick most of the time and it can save up more as you don’t have to by your red lipsticks most of the time.

But in majority perception, I included. This trend is not that appropriate to do because you might ended up getting tired on your one colored lips and you can experiment some looks you’d wanted to pull off though. Hence, if you wanted to be on trend most of time I really suggest you to have this items that are removable and can easily to change with no time. But of course, this was only my own opinion about it, but you can still have it as you sees it necessarily for you to do it.