Trend: Mini Shorts for Summer?


If you planned already for getaway whether for family or friends you still or should be in trend. Because a lot of your same age are getting some finds that can make them hip and “in” for today’s fashion hence you better too for your own Okay.. A lot of you might ask then on what are the possibly finds and pieces you can have as you gone in any getaway vacation? Well, as I see it colorful pieces are still hot this year and these pieces that has different cuts than usual like what are you seeing on the top photo – where the mini shorts is colored with multiple colors that can makes the whole shorts looking quirky but not so neat on my eye though – but I must say, it’s fine to pull off – if you have the confident though to wear that so mini shorts.

But more or less, this type of shorts are ones to look forward to, this year summer. Because a lot of fashion icons and enthusiasts, that includes fashion bloggers ( me included), are keeps on talking about this kind of piece here, hence it does make on the top pieces that you probably young people are getting crazed about as it’s hit the market after a month or so.. hence better to prepare for early shopping as you pleased yourself to be on trend this year, summer season..