Street wear or high-end wear?

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Everyone has it’s own fashion perspective, either I. Some are fond of rugged type of fashion and kind of rock-style for their on fashion statements while other likes these normcore where they kinda like more to be looking neat and clean. However, some would go with some cray stuff for their fashion where they’d mostly loves to wear some colors and quirky made of clothes like those awesome Japaneses style of fashion. But for me, fashion is the statement and it does project your own self by wearing who really you are. Others just wear specific clothes base on their mood at times but other are very consistent on what they really like for their own fashion.

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And if you asking me though on which I really like to pull off most of time? well, I’d mostly say street wear. Why? because street wears are the most comfortable wearing that can get along every time in a day and it can take you anywhere you are. Meaning, these finds were just fine as you’re an outgoing person and loves to roam through out the day. Sometimes too, these finds can turn into casual wear just know on how you can mix and matches clothes for the to achieve the look.

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But of course, if necessarily you can definitely rock with these high-end type of fashion where you’re legit to wear off these lovely and expensive brands you’ve got on your closet. Occasionally, I am wearing some too as I got to go in any special events such as weddings, company events and some sorts of events overseas. If you want to know further on how to style yourself with these finds. I suggest you then to take a look on these street wear snap from Paris where mostly people there are fond of wearing this kind of styling, for you to have your very own inspiration.