How’s my mini dress?

 photo EAFB628C-30B5-41C5-AF14-F51B230B3265_zpsse5nsqhy.jpg

Firstly, sorry for not so quality shot because I just did it with my phone camera hence it doesn’t have this high resolution. This photo was taken in manila last month where we have to attend our cousin wedding which we did not expect at all. Yes! we haven’t advise beforehand thus we came there same day as they told me that she’s having her wedding. Too bad we couldn’t also able to go in parlor just to make our hair done, by the way – I am with my other cousins and mom that time.

So, how do I look on this mini dress? does it fits on me well? please do let me know so I can mix another pieces for it next time just to make it look well on my end. The dress actually is pretty fine and it does comfortable while wearing it though I don’t like the extra bow added to it – I don’t know if that’s the right term for that. I preferring with that transparent cloth lining on dress as you can see it. And I paired this dress with my candy pink wedge from the US which is pretty comfortable too as I wears it.

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