Trying out new thing

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I dunno, I just don’t like wearing sleeveless top or anything the same. But this very recently, I just found myself wearing one – that actually necessarily for the company I work with for the campaign and with my surprised, this top does fits on me well ,right? look at me at the top photo, do I look stunning with the top I wore? please do let me know hence I can consider rocking with some sleeveless top starting today..hehe

Also, don’t deceive on my curve there because I just got a proper pose for me to be look like a chic but normally I am kind of chubby one, I must say. The top actually is from glamour Klls which one based in US and had me as their blogger who can review their some top for the shop they were currently building. All the top actually are superb and pretty fine when in a sense that the cloth uses on each tops are pretty cotton which comfortable to wear and can get you any where without thinking off, of you being uncomfortable eventually as the day goes by.

Okay, that would be all for now and please keep on tuning in here for a lot of product review that I may up soonest. Yes! I have a bunch of products that are needs to be posted and awaits on queue just to be including here hence I am pretty much excited to often update you here. So, please keep on visiting and share your thoughts too by leaving me some love comments below.

How’s my mini dress?

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Firstly, sorry for not so quality shot because I just did it with my phone camera hence it doesn’t have this high resolution. This photo was taken in manila last month where we have to attend our cousin wedding which we did not expect at all. Yes! we haven’t advise beforehand thus we came there same day as they told me that she’s having her wedding. Too bad we couldn’t also able to go in parlor just to make our hair done, by the way – I am with my other cousins and mom that time.

So, how do I look on this mini dress? does it fits on me well? please do let me know so I can mix another pieces for it next time just to make it look well on my end. The dress actually is pretty fine and it does comfortable while wearing it though I don’t like the extra bow added to it – I don’t know if that’s the right term for that. I preferring with that transparent cloth lining on dress as you can see it. And I paired this dress with my candy pink wedge from the US which is pretty comfortable too as I wears it.

MNG Crop Top

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I must say that I was luckily enough to have this mango crop top here for free. Yeah babe! you heard it right – it was a freebie, Let’s celebrate then?? hahha anyway kidding aside. This piece was sent over to me a month ago of the company (which let me disclose for now) for me to do an outfit post. But sadly as for now due with my offline work and studies I really cant find a time though to have snap of it me wearing the awesome crop top but hopefully soon like 1 week from now I can set a date where I should get myself to it. Okay, I’ll keep you posted once I’ve done my shots for this tee. I am actually pretty excited to have my photo done with this because the piece itself is indeed comfortable also it really does speaks to my style thus I really cant wait to see myself rocking with it.

As far as I remember, this was my 5th time receiving an item for review from this site alone and I am truly flattered and still cant believe that I actually making it now unlike before where I doubt myself building this site for a thought that no one like company who can trust me nor collaborate with me for this matter. So yeah! that would be all for now and I hope you’ll keep on tuning in for my latest posts especially as I do my outfit post for this MNG crop top.

Skirt that can compliment on your body

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Oftentimes, girls has this misconception about mini skirt. Where they’d thought that this finds will be or should be perfect to them at all time, I either! when the time that I thought rocking with skirt is chic. Though it is still chic as long it does fit on you well and it doesn’t look vulgarity-ish on your end then it’s perfectly fine. There’s some, not all I mean, which fond of rocking with this find without them realizing on how crucial it was in away – that this piece needs a girl who has this great tiny legs to compliment. Yes! admit it or not mini skirts are too great for the girls who’re blessed to have these long and skinny legs ( like on what you’re seeing on the top photo) though there’s still some who has quite beefy legs who can still.. without hesitating themselves – which is good by the way, to pull it off. But on my own perspective girls should know at least what are the pieces they should consider for their wardrobe.

But wait, if you really keen to wear this mini skirt in you. I suggest you then to have this bandage type of skirts where mostly celebrities these days are crazing about. Where the skirts really fitted on your body which can create an optical illusion in you and have you look so skinny in it. You can actually search over for it for further details.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Purchase Products Wholesale

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A business owner has to be wise with money or else his business will go down if his expenses far exceed his profits. For those who are planning on putting up a business or are existing business owners, it is advisable to purchase items on wholesale. A wholesaler is someone who buys goods from the manufacturers in big quantities and their main clients are retailers who buy products in bulk. Because of the internet, many wholesalers now have online stores and have revolutionize their businesses by making sure that online payments are safe and easy, having complete product listings, and high customer satisfaction. Shoppers should be able to purchase everything they need in the easiest and simplest way possible.

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Nowadays, a lot of retailers buy merchandise online but there are still those who would rather do things their way and buy items the old fashioned way because they do not want to risk buying substandard items in bulk. Buying items online and on wholesale has its advantages. Since you are going to buy items at a lower cost, you will have more profit. The internet likewise empowers you to easily compare products. You are also able to save time because your presence is no longer needed in the showroom. Instead you can do everything with just a few clicks on your computer such as checking out features and qualities, comparing product prices, and purchasing the items. Another advantage is that you can buy everything you need anytime, anywhere so it is really convenient. Furthermore, you are solely responsible in the shipping process and thus make sure that items ordered are delivered on time and are packed the right way. is the leader in online wholesale distribution. It is a cut above the rest because it brings the newest and trendiest fashion styles to clients without the expensive prices. They sell high quality, stylish, and affordable pieces for men, women, teens, and children. Their wide variety of merchandise includes Apparel or wholesale clothing (tops, dresses, jumpers, skirts, pants, jeans etc.); Sunglasses (vintage, aviator, polarized, wayfarer, novelty); Accessories (bangles, earrings, necklaces, and rings); Cosmetics (nail polishes, lipstick, eye shadow, eye liners etc.); Fragrances (perfume, cologne, body mist, lotion); Shoes; and Handbags.

Chic Formal Dresses for you

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Yuletide season is fast approaching. And I knew most of you had some commitments already as this eventful season had comes, me either is need to attend several events my way as this holidays come along – who haven’t anyway?. Well, if you are too, I think by this time you got this little problem on the outfit you’d wanted to be pulling off especially if you are a lady because us, gels, are wanting ourselves to be as chic as we can hence we strive to have this lovely and chic dress in us.

Girls, are naturally vain and that is given. Because God created us to be beautiful whereas to be hence we should enhance it by simply getting the right type of dress for us. What I meant for this? well, every girls has its kind of type of body : others are petite while some are this buffy one where slim type of dresses aren’t well fitted for sure. But you know what? I knew one type of dress that could compliment on body you have whether you are slim or not. And the dresses am referring was these backless dresses that are pretty chic as you wears it thus everyone in the fashion industry is dying to have it as they have any events to attend with. But of course, it is more fun, for sure, if you could get this cheap formal dresses online that wont break our pocket that much. Yes! everyone needs to be frugal now because the of living in this generation aren’t get any better so we must to be wise as we shop!

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But if you are fond enough to wear off sort of daring dresses in you. I think this backless formal dresses at beformal online are the best fits. Because Ive heard this kind of backless are pretty quirky and it has its own style too that can make you the eye of the night, for sure, are you wears it. By the way, you can have it here: as you pleased already to have of any type. No worries, the shop also sells different kind of dresses that you might get interests in too, just try to lurk and eventually you’ll find the right dresses for you there..