My bear face


Occasionally, I really like to have my bear face with me because It’s kinda harsh when wearing makeup quite often hence having a no makeup day is a must. Recently, me and the whole clan, my family, are gone to our province to have a small family gatherings due with some matters that oldies are need to settled with, which I can disclose over here. But nonetheless it is not that important to know though.

As what like I’ve said on my last blog that I am now working in the casino and my usual schedule was graveyard, meaning I do like a bat where morning was my night and the night was my morning then. But luckily, I’d still managed to have this fresh looking face, do I? What do you think? Okay, I think I should share with you my daily face routines for you follow as you’re pleased already to have a same type of skin as I am. But not today though, because I am quite busy doing things I just dropped by here a little to post up this photo that I truly like, kindly bear with me then.. 🙂

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