Me, as Lady of Sorrow #GoodFriday

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I am actively participating in our church hence you most probably see me posting some of our activities not just here but also throughout my social media channels as I am a proud Christian. Last Friday, I played as the lady of sorrow as we commemorate on how hard the God went through just to save the humanity in all sins we made. We dance, have a shared some words of wisdom and most importantly we prayed hard and repent with all our hearts.

I am indeed happy that I was picked to be the lady of sorrow as it has a big participation on the whole activities. Later today as my one church mate uploaded the video over facebook I’ll definitely share you all here for you to see on how good I was in acting, dancing and even to singing..haha

Okay then, that’s all for now and please keep on checking me here as I am keen to update the blog,, often ( as I could) and share some mostly my fashion posts as this blog is meant for that niche, majority…

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