How To do messy Ponytail?

 photo messy-side-bun-hairstyles1.jpg

Being messy is acceptable in fashion, not literally though. Because there’s a certain stuff that we could do to make us look like a mess but in a good manner. Yes! there’s such thing in fashion scene and one of it was this messy ponytail. Thus, if you wanted yourself to be in trend, as you are a woman, I may suggest you then to do this messy ponytails that mostly fashion enthusiasts even celebrities are getting crazed about now.

Don’t know on how to do it? no worries folks, that’s why I made this post up for you to learn on how you can make it right. Just watch the video tutorial video below for the guide.


Thanks for the lovely ladies on the video who made some time just to make this awesome tutorials for us to do and for us to learn the quirky messy ponytail in the easiest ways.