Goofing Around the Hospital

 photo 10603218_1231440736869420_1345131177442331885_n_zpspnpzrozw.jpg

Everyone has its own crazy side. And I got mine in no time, I admit. But I am just kidding, please dont take it seriously. Recently at work we got our yearly health check up and it is mandatory to make hence we have no choice then to have our blood took and have it test for some possible illness, perhaps? As I am waiting for my turn the nurse as me already to have my scrub on and have my sample blood taken already but there’re several test to make still hence I need to wait for others. As I am well seated, my co-worker that happens to be my best friend had asked me if I can act like a crazy nut freak and without me noticing I probably making it and seriously acting like one which we found it hilarious as I ironically mimic one – sorry then we haven’t got a video for it but you can clearly see on the photo on how we goofed around the hospital.

Note: please dont be offend in this post as I dont meant any¬† or to hurt anybody else. I just make it for me to compile, in the sense, the happy moment I’ve made through life thus this blog can serves as diary too on my possession.

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