MNG Crop Top

 photo B28487E8-681E-494A-B1D7-044BA2A7B226_zpshehrhhq4.jpg

I must say that I was luckily enough to have this mango crop top here for free. Yeah babe! you heard it right – it was a freebie, Let’s celebrate then?? hahha anyway kidding aside. This piece was sent over to me a month ago of the company (which let me disclose for now) for me to do an outfit post. But sadly as for now due with my offline work and studies I really cant find a time though to have snap of it me wearing the awesome crop top but hopefully soon like 1 week from now I can set a date where I should get myself to it. Okay, I’ll keep you posted once I’ve done my shots for this tee. I am actually pretty excited to have my photo done with this because the piece itself is indeed comfortable also it really does speaks to my style thus I really cant wait to see myself rocking with it.

As far as I remember, this was my 5th time receiving an item for review from this site alone and I am truly flattered and still cant believe that I actually making it now unlike before where I doubt myself building this site for a thought that no one like company who can trust me nor collaborate with me for this matter. So yeah! that would be all for now and I hope you’ll keep on tuning in for my latest posts especially as I do my outfit post for this MNG crop top.

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