Love my pink brushes

 photo 1013082_650192578327575_1931708013_n_zps5ef0f2e6.jpg

Firstly, bear with my no makeup face. This was a surprise photo taken by loving brother who gave these lovely pink bushes. Yes! I got this set of pink brushes and a palette of eye shadows that are very useful for me since I got myself busy at my newly job in a casino as a card dealer. And I really cant wait to use them and have myself all dolled up with these makeups. Actually, I am not really into these kind of girly stuff but since it is needed to my job, I got no choice then just to compile on what necessarily to do, which is wearing an makeup on as I am into ground facilities.

Each brushes as a light texture on its fur hence it does do well on the makeup as you brushing it off through your face. By the way, my brother bought it online as he said to me but I bet he’s only got it on the bargain stores nearby but definitely to consider because each items he brought me were superb and the quality are really great. I’ll update you all soon a photo of me all dolled up using these makeups he brought me, my brother. Hence you sould tuned in here often for the updates.

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