Rosa Novias AU: Wedding Dresses & Gowns

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Of course, everyone has its own dreamt wedding. Might most of your loves to have this classic church weddings while other prefers the most intimate and summery wedding in the beach. But whatever is you prefers is, as long as you have this elegant and lovely kind of wedding dresses, everything will gone right – definitely. That is why I am suggest you to have your chic wedding gowns at Rosa Novias AU as the shop is well known to its wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and sort of casual dresses for your events. Yes! the shop is reputable in the wedding industry hence we should better have ours to them than to those mortar stores out there whose not competitive at all in this field.

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Rosa Novias AU also fond of selling some Mother of the Bride Dresses. Of course, you mum should be as beautiful as you are in your wedding hence it is right for you to give her an elegant looking gown at Rosa Novias AU. Other good thing was, the shop has only offer the trendiest and in reasonable prices but the quality hasn’t compromised at all. Because they aimed to give customer satisfaction and they only strive for the best as they wanted your wedding to be memorable in you by giving out an very fabulous wedding gowns for you end.

For the selection of wedding gowns, you may now head over to the shop and see for yourself on how chic their each pieces there. And if you have any inquiries and same, no worries then, because they’ve got an online support who can attend on your needs and have your question answered in the very timely fashion. Thus, they labeled as the best above all the wedding dress shop online today

My Lovely Pinkish Brushes

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We all know that women cant leave the house without their makeup on, mostly. But in my case, I wanted to make myself doll-up over the car on my way to the location where I supposed to go. Yes! that’s how quirky I was because I wanted my makeup to be fully still as I got to the place unlike others who are fond on doing their makeup at home then as I went over their makeup are quite gone already which made them rushed over the comfort room just to retouch it or to evenĀ  redone it which is quite time consuming on my possession.

You can actually try as what am doing it and am telling you it is worth to follow, however though, make sure that you can work under pressure.. ahah as the car is moving and sometimes you have to pass by the speed bumps which is terribly as you’re putting your eye-liner at the moment. But more or less as you mastered it you’ll probably aced it on how to doll-up even when the car is rushing over..

That is why these pink brushes are always essentials with me and always be as I am more keen to do my makeup outside than inside the house. By the way, these brushes are from my recent client that sell out some fashion finds that is includes this brushes as for the girl section.

Monitor stand from Musician’s Friends

Recently at school, we have this music special class where each of us needs to perform a single piece for us to be graded by the professor. But the thing is, I am playing 2 type of musical instruments hence I really cant get myself on hold so basically I need to have this awesome monitor stand from Musician’s Friends for me to use and for my convenience as I perform, Yes! I prefers the one that is from musician’s friends than to other stores.