New Fashion Style: The Normcore

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Normcore are the usual normal styling but in there hardcore sense hence when you combined the 2 words in one. It turns to the word ” Normcore” which people are using on these days. Actually, I am fond of this styling because they used to have this white piece in it as you trying to pull it off. Also, it gives this classy grove in you as you wears the style, either men are quite fond of pulling this type of styling too.

This year, 2015, this styling are been well known not just in European countries but also here in southern asia especially in Korea where people are fascinated on this as people there are quite formal and yet in their casual feels hence this type of fashion is indeed perfectly to them to have on the daily basis.

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As I’ve heard, this fashion is still in trend for this coming new year, 2016. And I think it couldn’t be abolished as early as people are really getting hooked up with it. No doubt though, because as you can see these style has composed of casual type of pieces which they’d just paired up with their one formal piece that turns this whole styling unique and quirky. In this sense, people wouldn’t get tired for sure to pull this off.

If you’re on lookout now with some pieces for your normcore fashion. Why not checking in online because online is the best place to find all your needs. I browsed through Zalora’s collection of women’s apparel just to check if theirs any pieces you could get as for the normcore and luckily, there’s some sorts that you can consider. Go check the shop now even your fave online stores because they might have some new in already for this normcore crazed.

KITH Debuts Womenswear Collection and Opens a New Women’s Store in NYC

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We have to admit, when it comes to fashion brands – New York based companies are the usual on leads. Because fashion enthusiasts and icons are pretty pleased to have their stuff in any New York stores for their fashion finds. I dunno, I think the City built its reputation already for fashionistas and even tagged as the fashion capital of the world even until now. But for me, Paris is still the best city where all the elegant pieces where born.

 photo kith-womenswear-2_zpskjamx8ho.jpg

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Anyway, this very recent, the brand KITH debuts an line dedicate for women for their newly opened store in New York city. I just say, these pieces were quite dope, though other girls might not fond wearing these but for me these pieces are pretty perfect because each of them really speaks with my style.

To learn more about these pieces, you should go then to KITH store in New York for you to see yourself on how dope these pieces were.

Mother rings

Mom is my main priority. Because she gives everything for me that is why she deserves an awesome mothers rings from here as her present this holiday season. Though dad is a big help too, to me, but right now I cant afford to buy them both ring as my appreciation hence I’ll go with my mum’s ring first then my dad will follow.

I am actually planning to have this diamond type of ring for her but my mum are into gold more as I can see it. And still diamond ring is one I had in mind, let see then on how she may react as she sees my present to her. No worries, I’ll update you with some picture soon here as she got here lovely present from me.

Trying out the Rural Life

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We all have our toxic days, right? hence when this time had came up and nothing to do with it, at all. Why not getting yourself send out in any rural places as your breather? Yes! that’s the usual thing I do when I feels the stressor lingering with my whole body, in away, this was a great therapy not just for your mind and soul but also in your total appearances as the fresh air from trees are the best beauty enhancer.

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Yesterday, me and my family are gone with a friend’s farm where we got to see these fighter chicken , I dunno though on what the right term for these type of roaster but most likely they’re the strongest and badass one among to the all chickens living.. lol. At the farm, we can able to enjoy the fresh air and sorts of organic fruits as well such as mango,papaya and others that I haven’t well known about, bear with me then.. haha Also, at farm there’s this kinda like mountain peak where you can appreciates the beauty of life as you gone to see it. Well, I cant even have a photos yet for that..haha as we’re using my cousin’s phone that time. But no worries then, as she passed on some photos with me , I’ll then update this photo for some scenic photos.

Assorted Perfumes I’d Like to have

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Some other says, that girls are perfumes addicts. I must to agree on this as I think myself is quite addicted on having some sorts of perfumes. Actually, when I was on my teen days, I haven’t like to have any perfume with me as I am tagged as a boyish girl that time but when time goes by and the flower started  to bloom as a beautiful and colorful lady. I’ve started then to get hooked up with these perfumes which I really cant explain why so. Though occasionally I’ still hated to use any in a day and still majority of the day I’d feels the urge to have use any of my collection, perfumes.

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Every time that my sister went back home from the states. I see to it that she got me at least 2 to 3 perfumes in hand that would of course added with my collection and I particularly liking these pink-ish bottle perfumes than to others. I dunno, Why I am so hooked up with these perfumes perhaps on these bottles to have..

Christmas is fast approaching and I knew some of you are really kind hearted and very considerate.. lol and I am not expecting you to get me any of these perfume as a presents but am just saying that I really loves to have some before the holidays will come to end..haha

Alrighty, that would be all for now and please keep on checking me here for more fashion updates and personal outfit posts of yours truly.. đŸ™‚