The Right Shoes For Pretty Feet

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For a lot of women wearing high heels is cool. Not only do you look more feminine  and sophisticated, it makes you taller even by a few inches. Since I am petite, I often wear them just so the lack of height will not interfere with my self-confidence. I also kinda feel sexier when I am wearing one. But it is not all glamorous since there are times when I feel discomfort and I experience back aches because of my stilettos. Because of this, I entertain the thought of getting rid of my high heels and just wear a pair of reliable and comfortable sandals

There are a few things that women should remember about the right footwear. If you are wearing high heels for the first time, better start with wearing lower heels rather than high heels, plus, never wear heels that are too tight. It is important to wear quality shoes at all times so that the probability of hurting your feet is minimized. Ill-fitting shoes make walking really hard and can cause back pain. Aside from being more fashionable and comfortable, quality footwear lasts longer because they are made of high quality materials. They are certainly more expensive, but then, you will save more because you no longer have to buy new shoes often.

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For women who are tired of wearing the same footwear everyday (just like me), high quality yet low priced sandals, flip flops, and flats are what is ideal. Reef, the leader in open-toe footwear, offers a variety of styles to choose from. Shoppers will really enjoy browsing their wide array of fashionable sandals, flip flops, and flats for people of all ages and gender. Pick from classic, leather, rubber, and athletic sandals.

I have my eye on a couple of footwear such as the reef Leather Uptown which is made of premium leather from Brazil. It has a skinny, full grain leather strap and full grain leather footbed with anatomical arch support for added comfort. It is ideal for long walks on the beach and casual outing at the mall. Another of

Reef’s women’s shoes that I like is the reef Rover Slip-on TX which features bold animal print. It has a contoured footbed, medium density midsole, and a high density saw tooth rubber outsole. I can see myself wearing this during casual outings and even on a simple date. It is available in tonal blue and contrast black and white.


Turn Back The Hands Of Time With Botox Injections

As you’ve grown older, you’ve enjoyed a lot of advantages that your younger self didn’t have. You’re more secure financially (with retirement just around the corner), you own your house, and you have a large and happy family. But one thing you’ve lost along the way is your youthful good looks. As the body ages, your physical appearance changes – sometimes in ways that can be detrimental to your self-esteem. A lack of elasticity and suppleness is to blame for your wrinkles and sagging skin that can make you feel older than you are. Fortunately, there is an effective way to reverse the years and repair your aging skin.

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Botox is your answer when fine lines and wrinkles have prematurely aged your face. Cosmetic specialists inject Botox at key points along contour lines to address aging in the surrounding areas of skin, including deep down where connective tissues and muscles have lost elasticity. The Botox effectively freezes the muscles so that they can no longer contract. In areas affected by crow’s feet, marionette lines, laugh lines, and frown lines, the skin loosens and relaxes to reveal smooth looking skin.

Botox doesn’t actually freeze the muscles like many of the tabloid magazines would have you believe. People who receive these treatments are average, everyday people like you, and you don’t even know it. That’s because Botox works subtly enough with your body to block signals to the muscles without removing your ability to emote. After a round of treatments, you won’t be a wax sculpture in Madame Tussauds’. You’ll resume life as usual without any restriction of your facial features, but with smoother, more youthful looking skin.

Because the Botox is injected at key points in your skin, the success of your treatment relies on the professional administering the injections. For a natural, rejuvenated look, only trust your skin care to a trained professional. Look to medical clinics that can offer experienced registered nurses to help you achieve youthfulness. Not sure how you can do that? Head to their website and see what sort of standards they apply to their staff. Some websites hardly talk about their team members, letting you wonder if they’re truly trained to safely administer Botox. Others, like provide a detailed list of all of their staff members, including a small biography that discloses their education and history in the medical clinic. It’s much easier knowing your Botox treatments will be safe and secure when you know the people involved in your care are experienced and trained, so only book an appointment with a clinic that can offer you this information.

Regaining your youthful looks can be as simple as contacting a dedicated medical clinic. Erase the look of fine lines that are prematurely aging your face and ruining your self-esteem. Call the professionals today and set up an appointment for Botox injections.

Enjoy Shopping and Save Money Through CouponzGuru

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Everything is expensive nowadays that’s why it’s getting harder and harder for people to not go beyond their monthly budget. Sometimes there isn’t any money left to shop for clothes, shoes, accessories and other things. Good thing there’s online shopping where merchandise are cheaper and more unique plus there’s convenience of shopping. On top of that, there’re websites that will help you save a lot of money.
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One such website is CouponzGuru, the first coupon website and one of the leading coupons and daily deals website in India since 2011. During their first year, they only had 10 to 15 merchants but now they’ve added new merchants on an almost daily basis and continue to grow. Since their goal is to satisfy their customers, they make sure to validate and manually check each coupon so that only the correct data is given to the users. Online shoppers are able to get for free all the latest coupon codes, deals, and discount offers in one website. You don’t have to go to any other website for those coupons, you only have to go to CouponzGuru.

Among the many coupons available is Firstcry Coupons where you’ll be able to buy all the best baby and kids items around. You can also avail of Fashion And You Coupons so you can shop at and be able to purchase luxury women and men’s apparel. Another merchant available in CouponzGuru is Zoom Car, a self-drive car rental service provider where customers can rent cars by time and are given a wide variety of cars at many places. Use the Zoom Car Coupons and get the best deals. Shoppers will likewise enjoy all the clothing, footwear, accessories like wallets, watches, belts and many more from, one of India’s most popular online shopping websites and save money by using Jabong Coupons.

Value For Your Money Prom Dresses

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Your prom is probably the most unforgettable day in your life next to your wedding day. It is a once in a lifetime event that you will cherish as long as you live. Every girl takes this occasion seriously and usually prepares for it for a long time. Some girls buy ready to wear dresses at the mall and department stores while others opt to wear custom made dresses done by a dressmaker. If you want to stand out at the party, shop at online stores that offer a wide selection of prom dresses . You will be able to pick the dress that you want and will suit your body shape as well as your personality and taste.

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There are many online stores that sell cheap prom dresses that look pretty and elegant. One of those stores is Gudeer. Established in 2012, Gudeer items come from HongKong. The company sells tailored formal dresses such as wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, homecoming dresses, quinceanera dresses and many more. They also have trendy fashion and cocktail jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Being one of the e-commerce pioneers in the field of international business, offers thousands of stylish and top notch quality dresses for shoppers around the world. They have customers from the US, Europe, Australia and the Middle East, for a total of over 60 countries.

Get to choose from a wide selection of high quality formal dresses sold at very low prices. They have a variety of styles and fabrics from a simple gown to an extravagant one. Gudeer also offers customization and alteration services. Processing of orders usually takes 3-4 weeks for dresses and 3 days for jewelry. Rush processing time takes 1-2 weeks. Their shipping methods include DHL, UPS, TNT, and ARMX. Express delivery is determined at random by country.

Ball Gowns For the Elegant You

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It is not often that I go to formal occasions but when I do, I want to make sure that I look my best. A lot of women think the same way so they do everything to impress people and be the belle of the ball. Some succeed to become beautiful and sophisticated while others are not so successful. The reason for this is because they are not wearing the right gown. Remember that you should not wear just any gown but something that will suit you. The emergence of multitudes of online stores now make it possible for women to buy an appropriate gown for the kind of body shape they have as well as what fits their age, height, skin tone, and personality.

 photo peek-a-boo-sleeve-black-formal-evening-dress-1_zpse1uthwvx.jpg, your reliable online purchasing channel, has tons of items for any type of woman. It is the leading supplier of high quality yet affordable wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, ball dress NZ, cocktail dresses, and flower girl dresses. Their wide variety of gowns will leave you feeling absolutely satisfied. It is nice to know that they deliver to more than 80 countries and not just in New Zealand. The company accepts order and ships to the Far East, the Subcontinent, the Middle East, Africa, Americas and even Europe. Since their shipping is fast, customers can order a dress less than a week before the event. Delivery is usually done within 72 hours from the time of order if the dresses are in stock. Orders above NZ$99 will be shipped for free with standard shipping method.

Idress Trade Company also offers customized dresses. Whatever type of dress you like, they can make it for you. Each dress can be meticulously tailored to match exactly what you see in the photos and they can change the style, material, and length according to your liking.

Affordable Yet Stunning Wedding Dresses

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Getting married is a once in a lifetime event that is meant to be remembered forever. For most women, their wedding day should be almost perfect if not perfect but let us face it, planning and preparing a wedding is not all fun and glamour. To make it less stressful some women would hire a wedding planner while others who have a more limited budget would probably opt to get things done themselves. Looking for a beautiful wedding gown is one of the first things that a would-be bride takes care of. Buying from an online store that has it all is the answer to that.

 photo illusion-v-neck-sleeveless-open-back-lace-applique-tulle-wedding-dress-1_zpsdwsiirmk.jpg features hundreds of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses UK, special occasion dresses, and flower girl dresses. All their items are of high quality. Not only that, they have the best dressmakers and designers in UK who make use of the latest production techniques in making the dresses. A bride has a choice of purchasing her wedding dress UK ready made (they offer a range of sizes from 2-26W) or have it customized according to her specifications. All their dresses are actually customizable. Wedding dresses can be tailored in different colors like ivory, white, red and black, and champagne. Other colors other than those mentioned are likewise available.

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Another good thing about InstyleDress is that their prices are a lot lower than retail prices and this is because of their efficient and lowered operational expenses. Apart from that, they have a knowledgeable staff and customer service representatives who are ready to provide help anytime. The company listens to every customer’s concern that is why their designs are not only stylish but are also flattering. Furthermore, they are comfortable to wear. So as not to sacrifice quality and make sure that dresses are exclusive, InstyleDress only produce bridal gowns in limited quantities.

Hand crafted wedding candles: Exuding charm!


Hand crafted candles have long served as beautiful additions to special occasions including baptism, wedding, birthdays, and memorial services. These personalized hand carved candle sticks can be immediately differentiated from the run of the mill standard candles available in the market. The creativity, uniqueness and charm are attributes which are inherent to these hand crafted candles. One cannot really say the same about the standard candles. Perched on the beautifully glass candle holders, these candles can actually turn out to be absolute wonders in your special occasions. Today, however, we would personally be discussing had crafted wedding candles.

Wedding unity candle sets: What you should know about them

The sets of personalized wedding unity candles are not only beautiful adornments of the ceremony, but they have a much deeper significance. The significance of these candles are immersed in their very names—“unity”. Yes! They go on to reflect the much longed for unity between the bride and the groom also between their families. Here are the details of the significance of these wedding candles explored.

The taper wedding unity candles are positioned on the table on an altar. There are others placed on the sides. The unity candle sets are lit by the bride and the groom after the ceremony official explains to them the significance of these candles. They go on to represent the unity between the couples. The flames go on to represent the passion which will burn in them forever. The candles placed in the side, can either be left burning or extinguished.

A Candle for every occasion

There is no dearth of candle manufacturers offering these hand crafted candles for a number of occasions out there—be it anniversaries, weddings, birthdays or baptism. Every occasion has its own “light”. Every occasion has its own candle as well.

Choose your candle provider wisely

Make sure you are getting in touch with a creative candle maker in order to procure your candle for a special occasion. There are several such candle makers out there. Go through their websites properly in a bid to understand what they have to offer—the kind of designs, shapes and sizes of candles they have. Candle art is not exactly easy. Each of the artists seeks to bring their own sensibilities to these candles. Their creativity can easily be judged from the versatility which they have been able to showcase. How diverse is their catalogue? How unique is their collection when compared to others? Can these candles be styled to accommodate your specifications?

Are they offering these candles at reasonable rates? As a candle connoisseur it would be your responsibility to ensure that you are actually surveying several websites in order to compare quality and price and then zero in on an informed choice.

My bear face


Occasionally, I really like to have my bear face with me because It’s kinda harsh when wearing makeup quite often hence having a no makeup day is a must. Recently, me and the whole clan, my family, are gone to our province to have a small family gatherings due with some matters that oldies are need to settled with, which I can disclose over here. But nonetheless it is not that important to know though.

As what like I’ve said on my last blog that I am now working in the casino and my usual schedule was graveyard, meaning I do like a bat where morning was my night and the night was my morning then. But luckily, I’d still managed to have this fresh looking face, do I? What do you think? Okay, I think I should share with you my daily face routines for you follow as you’re pleased already to have a same type of skin as I am. But not today though, because I am quite busy doing things I just dropped by here a little to post up this photo that I truly like, kindly bear with me then.. 🙂

Love my pink brushes

 photo 1013082_650192578327575_1931708013_n_zps5ef0f2e6.jpg

Firstly, bear with my no makeup face. This was a surprise photo taken by loving brother who gave these lovely pink bushes. Yes! I got this set of pink brushes and a palette of eye shadows that are very useful for me since I got myself busy at my newly job in a casino as a card dealer. And I really cant wait to use them and have myself all dolled up with these makeups. Actually, I am not really into these kind of girly stuff but since it is needed to my job, I got no choice then just to compile on what necessarily to do, which is wearing an makeup on as I am into ground facilities.

Each brushes as a light texture on its fur hence it does do well on the makeup as you brushing it off through your face. By the way, my brother bought it online as he said to me but I bet he’s only got it on the bargain stores nearby but definitely to consider because each items he brought me were superb and the quality are really great. I’ll update you all soon a photo of me all dolled up using these makeups he brought me, my brother. Hence you sould tuned in here often for the updates.

Speaker for all type

I am the kind of buyer who thinks first if the items am getting over are these versatile enough to use in the different ways. Because as you all know I am really practical and want to maximize things up especially the useful of the products am getting. That’s why I am pleased already to have this musicians friend pa system that we can use off not just for stereo purposes but also over your laptop and phones too, which is pretty cool, right? because you dont have to have these expensive beats just to sound over the phones or laptop all you have to got was this speaker that can works well in any devices you had.